Discover Electromyography and get an advanced assessment


Detect basal tone disturbances in one click. With mDurance you objectively identify when a muscle is active or relaxed.

Muscle synergy ratios

Most injuries or pain suffered by your clients involve an alteration in the coordination between muscles. You will control the synergy ratios to decide the best therapy to apply.
  • Gluteus – Hamstrings – Paravertebral
  • Gluteus Medius – TFL
  • Trapezius – Serratus
  • Pelvic floor – Abdomen
  • Peroneus – Tibialis anterior
  • Many more…


mDurance video-feedback mode allows you to record movements and sound, and to view muscle activity in real time to get the best biofeedback for your clients. With the video-feedback you will:
  • Selectively strengthen muscles, improving proprioception.
  • Improve the synergy between muscles voluntarily.
  • Positively reinforce the work of your clients.
  • Export personalized videos for your clients: like a Youtube tutorial.

Muscle patterns

You will understand the muscle recruitment pattern of your clients to develop more specific and effective muscle training and rehabilitation programs. The activation timing will tell you which muscle has activated before or how long its contraction has lasted.

Muscular fatigue

Measure the fatigue in the main muscles of your clients and reduce the risk of injuries and overload in your exercises. There are two ways to measure fatigue:

1. Muscles that require too much muscular activity to execute a movement.

2. Muscles that stop activating during a movement due to fatigue.


Find out what treatments work best

With mDurance you will discover what therapies work best. To consider only a patient’s pain is a simplistic model. With mDurance you add muscle activity to get a recovery that really works.

If you include muscle activity in your assessment and reasoning, you will improve the application of techniques such as electrotherapy, dry needling, manual therapy, local vibration guns, etc.

Stop making blind efforts and start working with data!


Quantifying muscle activity in the exercises you use with your clients allows you to make informed decisions about what exercises are optimal for performance enhancement and rehabilitation.

With mDurance you can compare one exercise with another to identify which is the best exercise for your client according to their phase and objectives.

With mDurance you can also choose the best shoe or accessory to achieve better symmetry, synergy, etc.

Be aware of the evolution

Measure the evolution of your clients and apply objective criteria to complete their recovery.


In a matter of seconds, you will be able to generate full reports with your company’s logo, summarizing all the activity of your clients’ sessions.

You can also generate them in PDF or CSV and add your own annotations.


Safety first

We have maximum security encryption protocols and your data is yours alone, at no time will anyone have access to it. We also make a daily backup of your information.