Discover Electromyography and get an advanced assessment

Why mDurance?


Pre and postpartum assessment

You will be able to find damage to the neuromuscular structures involved in maintaining your patient’s quality of life during pregnancy and after childbirth.


Pelvic reeducation

It measures superficial and intracavitary musculature at the same time. Muscle synergy level, basal tone and quality of contractions.


Pelvic floor dysfunctions

Many dysfunctions are the result of loss of recruitment and impaired muscle synergies. Measuring muscle activity is essential to plan your treatment.


Pelvic floor expert

A pelvic floor specialist must be an assessment expert. With mDurance you will control muscle imbalances, basal tone, and the level of muscle synergy.


Achieve therapeutic success

Following your patient’s progression is the only way to advance their recovery. You will measure progress and improve your decisions.


Reduce the risk of injury

Impaired muscle function is related to pain and plays a critical role in the development of your patient’s injury. Measure, decide and eliminate risk factors.

The easiest and fastest electromyograph



Thanks to the wireless sensors, you can work on any movement. Measure wherever and whenever you want.

Updates included

Transparent and without installations. Keep your equipment updated with total comfort and security.


Almost 100% of our customers use mDurance from the moment they receive it and without any prior training.

Multi patient

You can split your devices to work with two different patients. Multiply your performance x2.

Advanced Assessment Plan


Purchase mDurance (which you can pay in installments without interest)

You receive a kit with two sensors, accessories and a package of surface electrodes.

Receive 4 FREE hours of personalized training

We make sure that you integrate electromyography at a 100% into your day-to-day work.

Start measuring muscle activity

User Experiences

Natalia Lopez - Melius Clinic Director

“With mDurance I can know the activity of the intracavitary pelvic floor, which is essential for the treatment and approach of these dysfunctions.”

Belén González - PT Pelvic floor at Vital&Clinic

«One of the differential points of mDurance is the possibility of visually sharing with my patients their own contraction, making them participate in their active treatment at all times.»

You want to (REALLY) to assess motor control in the pelvic floor?

These are the probes and electrodes that you can use with mDurance

Vaginal probe

Anal probe



Some frequently asked questions

Can I work with mDurance in other specialties?

mDurance is a comprehensive solution. With the same equipment you can work with pelvic floor, musculoskeletal, podiatry and training patients.

Can I only measure superficial muscles with mDurance?

Not only. With mDurance you can measure muscles such as the Internal Obliques, Multifidus (L5), Supraspinatus, Infraspinatus, Serratus Anterior, Gluteus Medius, Soleus and Splenius Capitis.

Do I need previous knowledge in EMG?


mDurance is so simple that you don’t need previous EMG knowledge to get the most out of the tool. In addition, you have 4 hours of private training included.

What electrodes do you recommend using with mDurance?

We and our customers love the dual channel intracavitary electrodes that differentiate between the left and right hemisphere. MDurance is compatible with any intracavitary probe (also single channel) and pediatric or surface electrode on the market.

Can I use other types of electrodes?

Of course. You can use any type of electrode or probe. Click here to meet our favorite supplier.

Will I receive training when I buy the equipment?

Always! With the purchase of mDurance you receive 4 hours of private training adapted to your way of working where you will learn practical and guided assessment protocols.

Can I use the equipment at the same time with two patients?

Yes, with mDurance you can evaluate 4 muscles of a patient or 2 muscles of 2 different patients at the same time.

Will I need technical installation?

No, it’s as simple as it sounds. You download the mDurance app, enter your username and password and that’s it!